A Wish FromWish From The Heart

Everything that lifts the TheDanceOfLove spirit
And makes the heart glad
Is what we wish for our family.

We wish them Soccer joy
On each journey and path they take,
Strength in each Toda choice and decision they make,
Patience at every new turn and new start they face,
Success 夜の大瀬崎灯台 as they Miami Dolphins Jerseys reach for the dreams
Of their heart.

We wish them warmth
In MAY the closeness of family and friends,
Fulfillment in sharing the riches life sends,
And belief in themselves.

Where there is pain,
We wish them peace Heart and mercy.

Where there is self-doubt,
We wish wholesale nfl jerseys them a renewed confidence
And the ability to work it through.

Where there is tiredness, or cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys exhaustion,
We wish them understanding, patience, and renewed strength.

Where there is fear,
We wish them love, cheap NFL jerseys and courage.
Every step of the way,
And a world full of love
Today and each day of their lives.

We wish them joy
That lasts forever.