A note to mom

What I meant to tell you when last we parted.

How can I possibly say goodbye

To the first who held me; the first to feed me;

And the first who made me feel loved?

From a distance I watched as you moved about doing the mundane tasks that to everyone else seemed to be so routine.

But to me, the tasks you completed year after year built and reinforced the foundation of the structure that made my world a safe, secure and comfortable place to grow.

All that I am and I all I can be will be traced back to you.

Whatever accomplishments I have made along the way would not have occurred without having you by my side.

And you; you were the person who always believed in me.

Now that I have a family of my own, I’m amazed at the number of time I hear your voice flow from my mouth.

This phenomena warms me as I have come to understand that there is a part of you that will live on in me forever.

When time parts us, I pray that you will reach across from the other side to again touch my face and whisper in my ear, for you are a warm and gentle presence in my life.

For this I will always be grateful for my mom.