Who you truly are

The best, most effective, most genuine person you can be is yourself. There are plenty of things you can learn from others. There are numerous qualities you can admire in others and adapt for yourself.

Yet when the greatest challenges face you, when you reach for the most ambitious and meaningful goals, you need every ounce of integrity and commitment you can muster. Those can come only from being and expressing the person you truly are.

It takes confidence and faith to be yourself. No one has ever been you before, so you’re forging into uncharted territory. That territory can often be difficult to traverse.

The rewards are worth the challenges. You have the opportunity to create what has never been created, to make a profound and positive difference in your own special way. No one but you can do it like you can.

Anyone can be successful, and yet no one becomes successful in exactly the same way as anyone else. Be who you truly are and you’ll become the best that you can be.