Family Tiez   

Variety and the Basics

It is easy to see a general movement to search for something new to correct old errors and oust the status quo.  Corrections become new errors; the new status quo, like the poor are always with us.  We cover one flaw with another in hope of finding a path back toward happiness.

We have, as a world, entered into a frustrating cycle. Many seem to be afflicted with the “boring new toy” syndrome.  The rapidity with which ideas and ideals have passed before us has brought about a weird sophistication.  Nothing appears to be the ultimate answer to our problems.  We are surprised at absolutely nothing and impressed with even less.  People are so disillusioned with the present that the future holds only the empty hope of perhaps a little diversity.  A new sex partner, a new brand of soap, a new sensation, a new way to destroy the things that are. There is no lasting happiness derived by adding an increased variety to our lives; just a new impulse or hope toward finding contentment.

We have too much history under our belts to believe any doctrine as absolute.  We refuse to commit ourselves to any good purpose, or, for that matter, to commit ourselves to anything except uncertainty.  Ironically, we push ourselves on because of the eternal “what might be”.  We try new cures from drugs to ice cream (more than 1000 flavors) inevitably finding that variety is no cure-all. In the end, we find we are a curious crew of idealistic cynics who have mastered all the charm of a sticky doorknob. 

Man can reach the stars and yet cannot touch his brother with kindness and understanding.  Perhaps some day, when so much is in peril and mankind so advanced, we will return to the beginning for a review.  

We get used to people filled with hate and vitriol toward those we disagree with.  I don’t have all the answers to the ethical issues we face today. Nor do I know what issues will soon appear on the horizon.  What I do know is this: when things get complicated, we should remember the basics.

The objectives of our days in this life are simple.  Still, we create a view of life that is complicated. Choices are no longer easy when we respond to urges by adding new tastes in life that take us away from what we know is true. If we are to live this life filled with joy (a deep understanding), we need to gather the strength and wisdom deep within us based in basic, immutable truths.  Remember the basics.  Going back to basics strengthens your foundation.