Family Tiez

 are like shade from the harshness in life

Thanks For Being my Friend

Looking back across my time;
I know that I am truly blessed,
That you are a friend of mine.

In this time I shared my heart,
And you opened yours in turn;
You shared a precious love,
And allowed me to return;
My own precious gift of love and life,

I poured out of my heart;
Into the friend I cherished,
And had right from the start.
For through the years I came to know,
To love your heart and soul;
Then in return you took the time,
To touch me and make me whole.
You cared enough to reach out,
To fill my emptiness;

To give so much of your own heart,
To make sure mine was blessed.
Now in this time of thanksgiving,
You’ll never be alone;
For you will always have this friend,
And my heart to call your home.