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You are alive,

       So Act Like It


So, Act Like It

A  great cure for self-defeating thoughts is empowering behaviors that lift you up. When you’re feeling down and you try to think your way out of it, often you’ll end up thinking your way even deeper into despair. So stop thinking about it. Get up and do something positive.  You’re worth more than you can imagine.

Challenge yourself to take action that will make a difference. Moving with real action in a positive, productive way will leave those negative thoughts with very little chance to survive.

Occupy your mind with positive thoughts, and fill your time with positive actions. If you’re not in the mood to help yourself, then get busy helping someone else pull out from beneath the weight that sadness brings. finding a way through life by giving your support empowers you to do great things. Experience the enormous positive power that exists in a kind, sincere gesture.

Are you truly serious about becoming more positive? Then act like it. Your body will do what you tell it to do.  Within your soul, you can hear that voice that leads you toward a way through your deepest hurt.  So tell it to get busy, and watch those negative thoughts melt quickly away.  Overpower those things negative with good.