Family Tiez

Silence is an answer too


The sweetest sound is the sound of silence.  Remember, silence maintains secrets.  That’s the song of the soul, some listen to silence in prayer, others ing its song while working.  Some look for the secrets in quiet contemplation.

When mastery is achieved or experienced, the sounds of the world can be turned off, and the distractions quieted.  All of life becomes a time of contemplation.  Everything becomes a blessing, and the struggle and pain word worry disappear.

Smell every flower, fly with every bird, find beauty and wisdom within yourself.  You don’t have to search for it, rather, it will find itself coming to you.  Wash the dishes, embody your work with love of purpose.  Breathe long and deep, slowly and softly.

Use your life and all the events in it with vigilance, not in drowsiness.  Fill your life with family and feel at home, because your home is my heart and mine is yours.  We are all that is, all that was, and all there will be.