Right here and now, this very day, you have the power to think, the power to dream, the power to make decisions, the power to act, to create, to learn, to influence others, to change things, to experience and enjoy. On top of all that, you have the power to invent, to innovate, to change your mind, to understand, and to move in a new direction.

You have the power to persevere, to work with discipline and focus, to manage your time, to recognize opportunities, to take responsibility and to act responsibly, to solve problems, to effectively utilize your resources, and to make a positive difference in your world.

Some people take these very same powers and achieve great things. Others live as if they didn’t even know they had them. Still others destroy the value of their own positive, living powers by directing them toward negative pursuits.

You have the power to do great things. How will you make use of that power today? It is an incredible opportunity and an awesome responsibility. It is real and it is yours. Challenge yourself to transform that power, with your thoughts and actions, into your own special greatness.