Do you know what’s going to happen tomorrow? Of course you cannot know for sure, yet with careful planning you’ll have a much better idea. Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do next? With a good plan you’ll spend less time wondering and more time doing.

Have you ever made a trip to the store, forgotten to buy a certain item, and then had to go right back again? What if you lived 100 miles away from the nearest store? If that was the case, every time you traveled to the store you would carefully plan what to get, to avoid the need for an unnecessary trip. If you did forget something important, however, it would be possible to go back again. But it would be a lot of trouble, so you would learn to plan each trip very carefully.

With that in mind, consider that you only have one chance to live each day. There’s no way you can go back and live it again. So planning for it is even more important than planning a 200-mile round trip to the store. When you plan each day, and follow your plan, there’s so much more you can get done. The time you spend planning will pay for itself many times over. Make a plan, follow it, and get the very most from each moment.