Family Tiez

Obstacles and Preparation

Obstacles in your path are not there to stop you, but rather to prepare you for that moment when the destination is finally reached. There’s no use in getting where you’re going until you’re truly prepared to be there.

Think of how inappropriate it would be for a six-year-old child to attend college classes. It would be a waste of time and effort for everyone involved, not to mention a boring and mostly meaningless experience for the child. Yet after 12 years worth of obstacles and challenges such as learning to read, going to elementary school, middle school and high school, doing homework and taking tests, that person becomes fully prepared to receive the value of a college education.

The next time you encounter an obstacle, be thankful that it’s helping you by preventing you from arriving at your destination too soon and not well enough prepared. Learn what life has to teach. Experience the richness along the way, and then the fulfillment of your dreams will be even better than you could have possibly imagined.