Family Tiez

When Darkness Falls Upon You

Life presents challenges, temptations, and empty promises that may cause your inner soul to sink into utter darkness.  And don’t ever feel you will not, nor cannot face those moments.  Each of us will find those tests in life.  That is, indeed, one of the reasons we have been given this portion of life, as a preparation for the next portion of our eternity.  To learn how life works, how to solve problems, how to make decisions, how to raise a family, how to protect what is good, how to say no, how to forgive, what it means to give ourselves, how to reach out to others.  I promise you these challenges, these opportunities, these blessings are given to each of us. 

And when we fall short, we will feel an unexpected darkness that comes over us; a separation from that which is good in life, and what limits our eternity.  For the uninitiated, it is difficult to explain the vacuum of darkness when immersed in the darkness that surrounds our happiness.  We are desperately isolated from those we love, and what we hold dear.  And whether because of our own failures or whatever darkness that has been thrust up on us, we may be faced with giving up the most basic of human needs to ensure those we love will never know that feeling.

In the midst of total darkness, we can look up at an incredible family of stars that seem to shine brighter because of the complete darkness around us.  And as we dare look up, we can witness the wonder and expanse of the universe … at least a small sliver of it.  We may even find a portion of awe we never thought of, and pause in wonderment. Then you realize there are people very close by who want to destroy that vision. And in that moment, your inner being requires the strength and focus on immutable truths revealed to your soul, and protecting what is right, and whatever is good.

So, what to do?  The answer is, of course, simple, yet difficult.  And you know what it is … you always did.  So just do it.  And please include me.  Some things require the strength of more than one heart.