Family Tiez

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Sunshine

Sometimes I hear or read something that stops me in my tracks, usually a short powerful phrase or statement that I find motivational and inspiring. I have a friend who reminds me not to let anyone steal my sunshine. That phrase should jump out at you, like a spark when you respond to the static that envelopes our days.

Our life experiences teaches us how to focus on the rays of light entering whatever darkness we encounter, and let that light guide us toward inspiring those around us. We strive to live our imperfect lives to the fullest, even when we’re scared and unsure and convinced that nothing we say or do will ever be significant or noble. In response to that, I encourage you to be you even when being you feels uncomfortable. Risk rejection in order to share your talents with the world. And always, always let the light in so it might illuminate the darkness for yourself and others.

My greatest fear growing up wasn’t economic turmoil. I had too many great examples to think that poverty was a bad thing. Most of us had no choice but to walk through our greatest fears and pick up the pieces. To face the world as we are — cracked and fragile and wacky. And yet in those moments, we knew we were free … free to ring our damaged but precious bells, and to let the light in and out. “We would never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world” said Helen Keller.

In a way, that incredible spark that makes the human spirit so unique and so special is a lot like sunshine. After all, it’s the sun that gives the earth all of its warmth, beauty and wonder. So it’s appropriate to refer to that wondrous bundle of uniqueness that is YOU as sunshine as well. If you want to live a healthy life that is rich, satisfying and full of contentment, don’t ever let anyone steal your sunshine!