Family Tiez

Change The Weather

You can do whatever you want today.

You can walk out the door into a cold, dreary day that makes you want to go back to bed. Or you can step out into a crisp, invigorating day that puts a little extra bounce in your step. It doesn’t matter what the weather report says, what matters is you.

You can get stuck in a massive traffic jam, raise your blood pressure and act rudely toward strangers. Or, you can enjoy some time for quiet reflection and find yourself amused at the hustle and bustle around you.

You can go to a terrible job, that’s boring and unfulfilling, where you’re not appreciated, where you have to deal with difficult people. OR, you can go to a terrific job, where you have an opportunity to make a real difference, where you’re challenged to prove yourself, where you can have a positive influence on people. Both jobs are in the same building, at the same desk. The difference is all due to you.

As long as you’re going through the motions, you might as well enjoy yourself and live your life to the fullest. Rather than looking for excuses to be miserable, look at each moment as an opportunity to be your best.

It’s your day. It’s your life. It’s your choice.