Choose your response

Irritation is all about us; irritating people, an itch, a rash, insect bites, taxes, political differences, etc.  For many, irritations are the focal point of their daily life, while others rarely take the time to focus on them.  Your response is your greatest power–you have the freedom to choose your response

Nothing is inherently annoying, yet you can choose to be annoyed by just about anything. Similarly, no situation is inherently embarrassing, or stressful, or frustrating. Embarrassment, stress, and frustration are some of the many ways in which you can choose to respond.

Keep in mind that your response to any situation is always your choice. After all, it’s you doing the responding. And it is in your best interest to choose wisely. Those who consistently respond with anger or envy, annoyance or frustration will reap the bitter rewards of those bitter responses. Yet when you choose to respond with understanding, with patience, with confidence and courage, the rewards will be far sweeter.

The situation does not determine the response. You determine your response. In every moment, in every circumstance, you can choose the response that will move your life positively forward. As such, nothing can bring you down unless you choose to be brought down. Nothing can annoy you, or frustrate you, or keep you dismayed.

You always have the choice to respond in the best and most positive way. Each time you choose your own positive, creative, empowering response, whatever the situation may be, you move yourself and the whole world forward.